2017-2018 PTO Sponsored Events

  • 'A is for Activities' - Tuesday, September TBA, 2017 at 7pm
  • Senior Planning & Financial Aid Night - September TBA, 2017 at 6pm (Sponsored by CRC)
  • 'What I Wish I Knew About College Planning' - Thursday, October TBA, 2017 at 7pm
  • Testing Info Night - January TBA, 2018 at 6pm (Sponsored by CRC & Counselors)
  • College Planning Night - Tuesday, February TBA, 2018 at 6:30pm (Sponsored by CRC, Junior Counselors)
  • Welcome to 2018-2019 Incoming Freshmen Parents - Friday, May TBA, 2018 at 9:30am
  • Managing the College Application Process - May TBA, 2018 from 6-7:30pm (Sponsored by CRC)

From the 2016 'Incoming Freshman Parents' meeting:

Ten Things to Know About Attendance at EPHS:

1.  Students are not allowed to leave the building without a proper pass. Show the pass and sign out with Security at either the North, South, or East Doors.

2.   Students do not need a pass to come in to the building.  Simply sign in with Security and go to class.  Parents should call the attendance line for late arrival times.

3.  The automated attendance line is available 24/7.  Tell parents to call the night before to make sure your pass is ready.  Students pick up passes at Student Center South, show it to teacher, give it to Security and sign out.  Parents do not need to come in.   We will not call the class to dismiss you.

4.  Not feeling well during school?  Go to the Health Room.  Do not text your parents to come and get you.  The Health Room will do all the work while you take it easy.

5.  No notes are accepted at the high school.  Parents call the attendance line for all absences, late arrivals, and passes.  Parents have 48 hours to fix attendance issues.

6.  Students should talk directly to teachers if mistakenly marked absent. 

7.  Calls to the attendance line must be from a parent/guardian/adult in the student record.  Students are not allowed to call in any attendance.

8.  Attendance can be checked and reviewed on the parent portal.

9. The Handbook states that oversleeping and missing the bus are unexcused absences.

10.  Forgot something at home?  Small items can be left at Student Center South Reception.  Students will be paged during passing time.  Large items such as athletic bags and instruments should be left at the North Door. 


Mission Statement: Supporting teachers, augmenting programs and engaging parents to enrich the Eden Prairie High School community.

The PTO focuses on several primary activities including finding volunteers for needs around the school, providing teacher appreciation meals and gifts, raising funds to support programs, hosting informative sessions for parents, drafting the annual student directory and planner, and planning/hosting the annual Senior Party. We can always use YOU on the PTO! Bring your ideas and energy and help EPHS be the best it can be! 

Parent Opportunities at EPHS

Looking to be involved at EPHS? Click: here for our Parent Opportunities and to to make a difference at EPHS.

Prefer to have a form to fill out and return? Click the PDF formatted copy located at the bottom of the webpage and follow the instructions to mail it to EPHS or scan and email it to volunteers@ephspto.org.

EPHS: School Directory

EPHS Student/Parent Directory ($5) is available to order each September. A hardcopy directory can be delivered to your student in their Connections class late October. If interested, please fill out the form below and return to the high school (along with the $5 fee) by Sept 30. 

All funds collected support PTO sponsored events at EPHS. 

EPHS: Student Planner

EPHS Student Planners ($12) are available to purchase at the PTO Table on Picture Days/Schedule Pick-Up days, as well as Open House in August. During the school year, you or your student may purchase them at the Spirit Store (while supplies last).

All funds collected support PTO sponsored events at EPHS. 

EPHS: School Supplies 

Suggested list:  School supplies


Please contact Esti Ollerman, President  if you have any questions.