There are five Resource Centers at EPHS:

No experience or subject knowledge is necessary! 
You will be given a short training session so you know what to expect.

Volunteers at each resource center help students and teachers with small tasks (getting teachers for students, checking out/in textbooks, taking messages, small projects for teachers, etc.)
We are there mainly to provide an adult presence  - anyone is welcome to volunteer!

Many volunteers are needed to keep the resource centers open for the students; if a shift does not have a volunteer, then that resource center is closed to students.
We do request a school-year commitment; you can volunteer once a month (that's only 9 times!), every two weeks, or even once a week.

The morning shift is 7:45am - 11:15am, the afternoon shift is 11:10am - 2:35pm. 

Choose based upon how busy you want to beMath & English are busiest, Science is the quietest, while Business and Social Studies are in-between.
The Science Resource Center would be perfect for those who work from home - bring your laptop in and work from EPHS!

All resource centers have a computer for volunteers to use with internet access, you are also welcome to bring your own laptop or tablet from home to use.

Thank you for your time commitment volunteering in the Eden Prairie High School Resource Centers! The EPHS Staff and Students appreciate all that you do!

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